Blower Door Tests

To measure a homes airtightness our team conducts blower door tests.  This process shows the significance of a blower door test in the course of a home energy audit.

It is crucial to determine the tightness of the building and here are some reasons for that:

  • Determine the level of mech this includes Removing ashes from the fireplace and putting out any lit coals.
  • Mechanical ventilation required to produce adequate indoor air quality.
  • Lowering the consumption of energy caused by the leakage of air.
  • Eliminate unpleasant drafts of cold air caused by leaks from the outside.
  • Eliminate problems with moisture condensation.

What Should I Expect?

  • Making upgrades after a home energy assessment could save you anywhere from 5% to 30% on your energy bill.

  • An energy auditor may run a test by using a blower door to help find leaks and to check and see how airtight your home is.

Blower Door Tests

Preparing for a Blower Door Test

To prepare for a blower test you will need to take these steps:

  • Before the auditor gets there if you have heated with wood make sure all fires are all the way out this includes Removing ashes from the fireplace and putting out any lit coals.

  • The auditor will want to do a walkthrough so prepare to pinpoint all the locations that generally have a lot of draft or areas that are harder to condition.

  • The auditor is going to need to be able to get to all areas in your house.  This includes cabinets, attics, crawl spaces, closets and any rooms that are not being used.

  • The auditor will need to open the interior doors, shut the exterior doors and windows and close doors, air inlets, and fireplace dampers.

  • To ensure that any atmospheric fossil fuel appliances do not fire during the auditors test he will have to set the controls for any of these appliances accordingly and should switch them back to their original settings once the test is completed.

  • Depending on how complex your home is, testing should take an hour or so.